Business introduction

We identify the core of the MIT problem that is growing as an IoT specialized company,
and apply it to the field with an appropriate solution.


XR technology that simplifies content production through systematic system construction and operation and reduces work time and cost by intuitively understanding the work process.

XR Convergence content construction effect

We design and implement XR technology by reflecting industrial site requirements for each local industry sector.

  • Reduced facility down-time by introducing a
    non-face-to-face collaboration system
  • Reduced safety accidents and tracking accident
    history through long-distance monitoring
  • Reduced working time and cost with
    real-time remote system
  • Content can be utilized in
    diverse devices

Main contents of XR-based facility diagnosis solution for facility control and safety in petroleum and chemical industry

  • Plant site visualization

    • Area Target and Mark based facility and location recognition
    • Tank content capacity visualization
    • Visualization of plant tag information such as temperature, RPM, flow rate, etc
  • XR facility predictive maintenance

    • Temperature and RPM sensor information monitoring
    • Emergency stop through PLC control signal (administrator)
    • Abnormal pattern detection manager notification and diagnostic support
  • XR Maintenance tutorial

    • Guidance through maintenance location navigation function
    • Maintenance sequence and method guidance through 3D model animation
    • Providing video tutorials using Expert Capture
  • Augmented reality remote collaboration

    • Support for collaboration of field workers and remote experts using Remote Video Call
    • Utilization of Vuforia Chalk based augmented screen sharing technology
    • History management based on videos and images of maintenance contents

XR convergence content concept diagram and process

XR convergence content uses field


- Digital mockup
- Remote design collaboration
- Digital twin


- Maintenance work instruction
- Performance dashboard
- Operation and assembly work instructions


- New product experience
- Differentiated brand experience
- Sales space optimization


- Service manual and instruction
- Service inspection and verification
- Remote expert connection


- Job-specific training
- Safety and security training
- Expert coaching


- Head-up display
- Operation manual
- Remote operation

XR convergence content main features

  • Remote on-site monitoring

    Remote monitoring of dangerous areas
    Reduction of work required time
    Reduction of safety accidents

  • Augmented reality quality inspection

    Improvement of quality inspection accuracy
    Improvement of reliability of inspection result records
    Part acceptance inspection
    Shipment inspection

  • Work productivity improvement

    Operational efficiency
    Service cost reduction
    Work required time reduction
    Safety accident reduction

  • Predictive maintenance solution

    Visualization of device abnormal condition monitoring
    Resolution of abnormal conditions
    On-site maintenance operation inspection

  • Non-face-to-face collaboration

    Remote expert support
    Community error prevention

  • Visualization for field workers

    Real-time data and trend visualization
    Proof of work through on-site inspection
    Safety information
    Digital manual