Company introduction

As a leading company in the 4th industrial revolution
we realize customer surprise by solving and improving problems in the field through challenges and changes.

Certification status

We are expanding our business field based on unrivaled technology development.

Major certification status
  • Business Registration

  • Venture company confirmation

  • Company-affiliated research institute accreditation

  • Defense Venture Agreement Company Confirmation

  • Management Innovation Small and Medium Business (MAIN-BIZ) Confirmation Letter

  • Innovative Small and Medium Business (Inno-Biz) Confirmation Letter

  • Worker dispatch business license

  • Software business operator report confirmation

  • Direct production confirmation

  • Small business confirmation

  • test report

  • SW test report

  • Korea Smart Manufacturing Industry Association membership card

  • ISO 9001:2015

  • Vehicle control system and its driving method Patent Registration Certificate

  • Magic-MES Copyright Registration Certificate

  • Magic Framework Copyright Registration Certificate

  • Magic POP Copyright Registration Certificate

  • Magic-MES Lite Copyright Registration Certificate

  • Magic-ERP Copyright Registration Certificate

  • Explosion-proof equipment real verification device copyright registration certificate

  • Meta-Viewer (Industrial XR Platform Viewer)

  • Meta-Manual (Industrial XR Platform Maintenance Manual)

  • Meta-Control (Industrial XR Platform Remote Diagnosis System)

  • Meta-Safety (Industrial XR Platform Safety Management System)

Major awards details
  • 2020 Startup Meritorious Ulsan Mayor Award

  • Green Steel Smart Factory
    Construction Appreciation Plaque

  • 2019 Korea Leader Grand Prize
    Information and Communication Technology Industry Sector Grand Prize

  • 2019 Innovative Korean & POWER
    Received KOREA Technology Innovation Award
    (Smart Factory)

  • 14th Korea Maritime Day
    Commendation for industrial merit

  • Seojin Precision Co., Ltd.
    Smart Factory Construction Appreciation Plaque

  • 2020 Ulsan Startup
    Selected as TOP 10 Small and Medium Business Administration Award

  • 2021Korea Future Management Grand Prize

  • 2021 Global ICT Promising Company Selection Plaque

  • Commendation from the President of the New Intellectual Business Center

  • 2021 Korea Future Management Awards Citation

  • 2020 Ulsan Startup Festa Citation

  • 2023 Software Industry Merit Award