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R&D direction

  • loT Middleware

    Plugin device adapter processing technology for linking heterogeneous devices

    OTP-based heterogeneous protocol context conversion/processing technology

    Device-based session authentication processing and permission-based context routing technology

    Expandable device EvenHandler technology and EventContext-based automation process definition and processing technology

  • Edge Computing IoT

    Middleware technology for local data processing and remote data synchronization

    Cross-platform technology (Cordova, Xwalk, Chromium/WKWebView)

  • Embedded IoT Gateway

    Lightweight middleware technology for embedded gateways

    Vehicle and construction equipment location tracking (RMCU) technology

  • Distributed IoT Server

    Master/Slave distributed processing server technology

    P2P network server technology

  • IoT integrated authentication server technology

    OAuth2, JWT-based integrated authentication and external authentication connection technology

    Blockchain Address/PubKey/PrivKey-based authentication signature technology between devices

  • Smart Sensor

    Equipped with Embedded AI and MEMS sensor, facility monitoring and malfunction prediction are possible with only sensors, and data is collected by the edge for central management

  • SmartIoT Middleware 2.0

    Middleware for two-way control/collection between devices in various environments, and for building automated systems

    TTA GS certification, certification date: 2016-05-09, certification number: 16-0152

  • Smart Industry 4.0 Middleware

    Facility management at industrial sites. Middleware for data collection, control and analysis

    Product registration date: 2017-11-10, registration number: C-2017-028053

  • Industrial IoT

    Smart factory automation infrastructure connection technology

    Control/collection technology of PLC, CNC, Robot, etc. in the manufacturing process

    Process information connection technology such as MES, MOM, APS

    OPC-UA, Mod Bus connection technology

  • Home IoT

    Construction IT convergence technology (Heriot smart home system)

    Connection control technology such as device control, parking control, electric vehicle charging, and common entrance

    Integrated connection technology for general home appliances (Zigbee, Z-wave, LoRa, etc)

    EventContext-based user-defined automation technology

  • Logistics/Distribution IoT

    IoT-based smart logistics system technology

    Location tracking and real-time monitoring technology

    Barcode/Qrcode/Nfc/Rfid processing technology

  • Big data platform architect

    pen Source-based enterprise big data platform (HDP)

    End to End solution platform (HDF)

    Providing platform architecture according to analysis service type

    Open source-based big data platform consulting

  • Building a big data platform

    Hadoop, Eco system compoenets construction (based on MRv2/based on Spark on Yarn)

    Building data stores by purpose (RDBMS / HDFS / NoSQL)

    Building a real-time data streaming platform (Nifi / Kafka / Spark)

  • Big data platform maintenance

    Possession of big data cluster operation management know-how

    Big data cluster performance stabilization and optimization technology

    Big data cluster management and monitoring

  • Data connection technology

    Real-time data preprocessing technology (Spark-Streaming)

    Data BI / Visualization connection (TIBCO, Tableau, Power BI)

  • Data security technology

    Central management and cluster operation policy console (Ranger)

    Data access rights management

    Data access data keeping

  • Big Data Analytics AI

    Big data analysis methodology

    Big data analysis planning

    Big data collection/Storage/Processing/Analysis/Utilization technology

    Big data visualization technology

  • AI

    Machine vision design/Building technology

    Machine vision result analysis technology

    Kakao AI engine connection technology

  • Smart factory diagnosis

    Big data analysis methodology

    Smart factory diagnosis technology

    Consultation on Smart factory construction

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